Macbook User not loading certain maps

I just gotten an player who uses an Macbook to play. She hasn’t used the program before, I don’t know her specs of her Macbook. But on her end it’s not showing the maps. It’s showing everything else, but the map isn’t showing up. Just an gray background with the grid outline.

However, she can see the “Foundry Virtual Tabletop” map. The default image for the first map created. The Default Image is an webp file. But most of my other maps are webp files as well, so I’m not sure why my maps aren’t showing up, but the default one is. Please help.

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This is similar to another issue which we handled in the week and might be due to the same reason.
In that case, the user was on an Apple M1 which has a WebGL2 maximum texture size of 8192.

This means that their browser was not able to load maps that are larger than 8192 pixels in either direction.
8192 x 8192 works, but anything larger in either direction would fail to load.

If you’re using a map that is larger than these dimensions, that might be what’s happening here. You could try to decrease the resolution of your map to fall within those bounds, reupload it (you can specify a different name so you keep both assets) and configure the scene to use the lower res version, and then it should load for that player.

You can ask your player to run WebGL Report and check the Max Texture Size field on the right hand side to confirm whether that is the problem.

Make sure that their hardware acceleration is turned on, since that might help to increase the max texture size their browser can display (though unfortunately it did not for the Apple M1 user I mentioned before).

Hope this helps!

So we are testing it out, but now she is reporting that the map is flickering.

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Did you run any of the tests I mentioned here? I recommend checking to confirm that the image resolutions are within the maximum texture size for that player before doing any other testing.

I also recommend checking the dev tools console (F12) for errors. WebGL is usually good about providing detailed error messages.