Low Fantasy Gaming (Pickpocket Press) GM looking for players

I am an experienced GM looking to start up a game of Low Fantasy Gaming from Pickpocket Press. I’ve been GMing since the 80s, and have experience with numerous games, including most versions of D&D (1e,2e,3e,3.5,5e), C&C, Gamma World, Shadowrun, Star Frontiers, Boothill…etc…

I am trying out this new game system because it seems to fit my preferred settings pretty nicely. The game will likely be a gritty, dark, human-centric exploration campaign in the Midlands. I have not yet decided on timing but I think it will likely be on Sunday Mornings (PDT), every other week. Let me know if you are interested. I think I will be starting sometime in December. I have some things to wind up before I start.

I am new to Foundry, so there may be a little OJT.

hi i am interested I just wanted to find out the time