Looking to join Odyssey of the Dragonlords game

Player Name: Lutemis#9000
Seeking to play: Odyssey of the Dragonlords
System: DnD5e
Familiar Platforms: Roll20, Foundry VTT
Available Times: Currently any time save for Wednesday and Friday Evenings, though I’d prefer Weekends
Time Zone: CST
Payment: I am willing to pay for sessions, though I’d prefer not to
Additional Info: I’ve previously played part of the module before, from levels 1 to 8, or Beginning right up to the Great Games, during which the campaign imploded due to scheduling conflicts for all involved, and I was so happy with the character that I just haven’t been able to play them elsewhere. I want to recapture the magic and properly take her to her conclusion. For transparency’s sake, They were an Undead Warlock using a homebrew overhaul of the class, and I’d like to try for a tiefling homebrew variant but will be fine with forgoing that if it’s denied. I wont metagame, as the story itself was what I loved most about the module. The epic path idea was initially Lost One, but Doomed One might be fun to try out.

Here’s also a ‘premade application’ including additional information about me. Disregard the character, they’ve since found another game.