Looking for players to start new campaign [homebrew] [DnD5e] [free] [GMT]

:crossed_swords: Game System:

:calendar: When do you play:
TBD, will be after 7pm GMT on Friday, Saturday or Sundays, One session every 2 weeks

:scroll: Brief Description of the game/setting/premise:

A world phyiscally devided into 3 shards held together by mysterious gravitational magics, the cracks are extreemly perlious to approach or cross, though not impossible, this has lead to each shard devoloping its own ecology, religious and political systems amoung other seperations, the southern most shard is where we find ourselves, a colder climate than the remaining shards, ranging from livable on its outer areas to extreemly hostile cold biomes at its southern most point.

On the edge of this shard is a city, large and multicultural but strained by class, new attuitdes and values. Everything can be brought and sold for a price here, as the shards largest trade hub, however things have become more unsettled in recent years, whispers of prophecy of the coming age and myths of the end are spoken of in taverns, amoung the gentry it is suggested the city is slowly being distabalised to aid in the bringing about the ‘seperation’ which is assumed to be the release of this shard from its borther and sister but this is speculation and no real evidence exists… at least none that is known of.

There will be a large amount of political/social maneuvering, however the amount of this that the characters are involved in will come down largely to how much they wish to be involved, this political/social engineering will have a trickle down effect that will impact course of the story but can be dealt with in a reactive (possibly physical way) if that is the choice settled on.

Other important bits and bobs

  • PvP is not encouraged, will be Roleplayed out if it occurs.
  • Adventure and overcoming obstacles is paramount. More about story less about winning.
  • Moments of dispair and darkness will be introduced to allow heroic moments and characters to shine.
  • Callbacks to relationships forged by characters.
  • Strive for rule and narrative cosistancy.
  • Character downtime and RP elements will be encouraged.
  • Actively welcome RP goals and sub-plot ideas for your characters.
  • Active feedback via anonymous forms to incorporate more to the taste of the players.

:memo: Aditional Details:

  • Discord - Chat, Audio, Player journels
  • D&D Beyond - [if 5e] Source books and content sharing
  • Foundry VTT - Virtual tabletop
  • -Will need a decent connection as there will be some 3D scenes used for combat, mostly in BBEG fights and fights with a lot of verticality.
  • World Anvil - Setting information
    *TTRPG safety tools available

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