Looking for players to Start an Abomination Vaults - Otari centered Campaign

Looking for players to Start a Campaign
System : PF2E
Free To Play
Langugae : English
Times : Wednesday evening 20:00-23:00 (GMT + 3)
Discord : Shaggadorian Vaults
Abomination Vaults based story with a wider storyline encompassing it.
Begining at first level. You and your party members begin in an inn to meet up with the Pathfinder Society representative who has hired all of you to investigate the strange developments in and around Otari.
A very few homebrew rules mostly to help keep encounters moving.
Player tactics are important as the encounter-rich campaign has perks for those who know their character and act quickly and decisively. There are detailed information journals available fro players when you join the campaign.
It is pretty straightforward and easy.

Welcome to a the town and environs of Otari on the Isle of Kortos.
Recent strange events have been occuring in and near this town and the Pathfinder Society
would like you to check out what is going on and if there is any truth to the sinister rumors surrounding
these recent events. Furthermore, it would be appreciated if you are able to gain information pertaining to the reduced trade and supply of lumber, arms, armor, and magical items in and around Otari.

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I’m a beginner in PF2E, I read the rules, played a solo beginner box adventure and generated a character to test the creation process. I’d be interested in joining if you’d have me

Would love to have you Join
I am new to Pathfinder as well.
It will be fun.

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I also am very interested. But i need to know if i can play. I am not sure what Wednesday evening 20:00-23:00 (GMT + 3) is in my time zone (the +3 throws me).

Ok, so let me know where you are , country? State? And I can tell you the time difference.
Would love to have you join if it works for your timezone.

Hello, if the session still have an open slot and if you don’t mind a inexperienced player, I would like to join the session. I’m a brand new PF2E player but I did have some experience of PF1E and DnD (both 3.5e and 5e) through PC games so I know the basic of how dice work. I also listen and read through a bit of rules through free resources.

My time zone is GMT+7 (so it will be 0.00 to 3.00AM for me) so I might be a bit groggy or speak a bit on a low-volume side to not wake my wife up if that’s also ok with you.

Fine with me if you don’t mind the late hours, there is still room for you.
Will be happy to have you join

The Forge 1

Is the link to the campaign

Thank you very much. Will be seeing you on Wednesday.

I thought i had put it in there. Sorry. I am in GMT -5, the US’s Eastern time zone.

Character building session this Wednesday 8-10pm GMT+3
Some zero session q&a

that is an 8 hour time difference
so 8pm my time is 12 in the afternoon for you

Thank you for the info. Unfortunately, that won’t work for me as much as i want it to, perhaps next time. Thanks for being patient with me.

thank you for your interest
good fortune on your next adventure

Hey, just want to let you know that currently the schedule for the first session is set to 03-September-2023. The character building is this Wednesday, 07-June-2023, right?

Yes, character building tomorrow June 7
First game session will hopefully begin by mid July depending on everyone getting their characters done. Catdragon is out (timezones) . So still looking for a few more players.
Would like to have 4 committed players.
From the GM side, I have prepped enough for probably a years worth of gaming once a week.
In the character build session I also have a prepped combat map so you can play test your character and the system

Hey, I would be interested in joining if there is still a slot. Just started learning PE2, and I’m new to foundry.

I might be a bit on the older side here.

might have occasional problems with Wednesdays, but usually it should work out.

I have some ideas on what to play but I’m open to adjust according to the group.

Of course, come to character creation session today at 8pm GMT+3

I’m assuming you found your players already but just in case, I’m interested also interested.

I’ve been playing and running PF2e for a bit but I’ve only ever played in West marches so I would really like to play in a campaign with a smaller group. That time matches up well for me and I would love to have a chat if you’re still interested in new players.

By the way, the discord link has expired.

You are correct to assume that a party is forming, though if you are truly interested I can create a spot for you as well. I do not think it will be too many. There is the second character development session this Wednesday
Do you see the join campaign link.
I shall create a spot for you momentarily.
join us in discord under Shaggadorian Vaults