Looking for Players for Scifi/Fantasy D&D 5th ed game

Ghosts of Elathrion

:crossed_swords: Game System: D&D 5th Edition - in Space. Some homebrew and third-party books are being used.

:calendar: When do you play: Monday, 6pm PST/7pm MST/8pm CST/9pm EST!

:scroll: Brief Description of the game/setting/premise: A friend of mine is running a pretty fun game. Itโ€™s a High-Magic, High-Tech Sci-Fi setting where the players, also known as Echoes, find themselves in a vast Galaxy with no recollection of who or what they really are outside of their initial class and race/species choices. While the players explore and try to piece together the truth of their existence, the people of the Galaxy itself will always have need of their services. Whether they choose to be a drifter, a grifter, a merc or a corpo, the Galaxy is ready and waiting!

Aditional Details: He asks for players to be willing to pay $5 per session so that he can continue to fund and improve the experience for all involved. It will be hosted on Foundry VTT.

We have three slots open for players, so if youโ€™re interested let us know!