Looking for players for new Pf2e campaign on foundry

A Pathfinder 2 homebrew campaign

Slots Available: 2 or 3
System Used: Pf2e
Style: Foundry (self hosted from the Netherlands) and discord.
Session Duration: 4h
Schedule: Every thursday 19.00 cet
Requirements: A pc with an internet browser and discord. No prior game or foundry knowledge required.

Hi folks,
At the start of January I’m starting a new campaign. Previously I ran a D&D 5e campaign for a year and a half and after that some games to figure out what I want to do system wise. In the end I’ve chosen pathfinder 2 as the system for this campaign and am running it on Foundry VTT.

I am looking for 2 more players to join our group (me as GM and two friends who are joining as players). Experience with the game or foundry is not needed but being new to pathfinder myself feedback from an experienced player is always welcome ruleswise.

Games are played weekly on Thursday from 19.00 to 23.00 cet and we are looking for players who are available weekly and expect the campaign to run at least for a year.
The first session or session 0 depending on how fast recruitment goes will be January 6th
I’m located in the Netherlands in case it matters for your connection to foundry (hosting from pc at the moment).

For information about the world we will be playing in and the optional rules used see here

If you are interested please fill in the player questionnaire
From the filled in forms I’ll pick players to have a talk with on discord to see what their ideas are and if they fit in the group. Last step will be a character form to work out the character that will be played.

Good evening. It’s been a while since you posted this, so I guess the spots are filled. But it never hurts to try, does it? Let me know of if you still are looking for players.

Let me know if you are still looking for players.