Looking For Players For Group 2 Of Curse Of Strahd. FIRST SESSION IS FREE!

Hello adventures my name is Ducktales and I specialize in the Curse of Strahd Module. I have been Dming for quite some time and I offer services in the form of high-quality immersion. I invest much of my time and money in order to give you, the player, an experience that will leave you wanting more between each session.

I love Curse of Strahd. It has the perfect theme, NPCs, and overall flow of gameplay that leaves players in high pressure decision situations that do have a cost. That and a good card reading =p. I digress, I am hosting paid by session games using Foundry VTT. THE FIRST SESSION IS NO COST TO THE PLAYER.

This will give you an opportunity to see whether or you not you like my style of Dming which is heavily influenced by that of Matthew Mercer. No, you do not need to invest any money for Foundry, all you need is either a Firefox or Chrome browser. I hope to see you soon and I wish you the best either way. Thanks again.

[Curse of Strahd PAID]
[Simply Message Me If Interested On Discord Duck Duck Radio#8469 ]

DM : Ducktales
Date : This Upcoming Sunday 03-14-2021
Time : Four Hours Between 11-5 (Decided by the Players)
Levels : Starting 1 ending between 10-13 depending on group
Gameplay : Matt Mercer Influenced Dm (Roleplay/combat= 60/40)
Edition : 5e
Video/Voice : Discord
Homebrew/UA? : No Homebrew or UA
Players : 4 Minimum, maybe 5
Addition Info : $15 USD per session. FIRST SESSION NO COST!

Sign-ups For Group 2:
Group 1 has been filled. Now recruiting for group 2.