Looking for players for a Wednesday night game!

The year was 2123, and the Earth was becoming a desolate place, it’s inhabitants desperate for survival and on the brink of extinction.

However, a brilliant scientist by the name of Victor Whizzle had stepped forth with a proposition, a incredibly powerful machine that could aid in the revival of humanity by covering power to resources. Due to a critical mistake however, the machine malfunctioned, causing a catastrophic failure that resulted in a mass detonation. However, the effects of the machine seemed to seep into the earth, creating thriving life, and even magical elements that quickly took hold of the Earth.

It’s been 127 years since Victor’s incident, and has undeniably saved the Earth. However, new threats are rising as the world is split between the Old World and the New, a powerful tyrant by the title of “The Doctor” rules half of this post apocalyptic America, and plans to take the rest. With plenty of powerful soldiers at his disposal, it seems the world is once again in danger, this time of loosing it’s magical aspect.

You however, a simple adventurer, have been tasked with helping your first client Tanny, to help him find a long lost artifact that will help him with his research.

Hello there! Thank you for showing interest in my campaign! My name is Ace and I’ve been DMing for about 9 years now, all of which has been homebrewed settings! This campaign is just is one of my many polished settings over the years, and now would like to offer it to you!

The first 2 sessions are completely free! To help gauge if my DM style is a good fit for you, and if it’s not, then you are absolutely free to drop out before you pay a single cent! Beyond that it will be 15$ per session.
Since these are homebrewed settings, I do allow homebrew with approval! There are even some that I have created myself that is 100% allowed!

This campaign starts off at level 3, and the character creation will be done with point array. So far there are 2/5 slots filled.
Each session will be starting on Tuesday 7pm CST, and run for about 3-5 hours.

If you have any interest at all, or questions, feel free to comment on this post, or hit me up in the DM’s and I will get back to you ASAP!

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