Looking for Players and GM's to join a Pf2e West March Game. Named the Guild

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West March Style

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The unsummarized version of the rules can be read here: The Guild: Pf2e Campaign Guide - Google Docs

Welcome to The Guild’s Living World - an exciting and ever-evolving campaign where players and Gamemasters come together to shape a vibrant and immersive adventure experience! Join us in this persistent world-building game as heroes embark on quests, with their triumphs and failures directly impacting the success of the Guild!

As a player, you’ll have the opportunity to create a character and embark on thrilling adventures crafted by our Gamemasters. Together, we’ll weave a larger narrative driven by the collective decisions and goals of the player base. Whether you’re a seasoned Pathfinder 2e player or new to the game, The Guild offers an excellent environment to learn and enjoy the game.

Our campaign is designed around Clocks, a system inspired by the popular Forge in the Dark games. Clocks represent the challenges and opportunities that players can strive for or oppose. Each clock has a set number of ticks, which can be advanced or regressed by completing bounties. The difficulty of bounties is rated using a star system, and completing them rewards players with stars, gold, items, and other benefits.

In addition to player-driven goals, our core GMs will establish monthly GM-decided clocks, giving players a collective objective to work towards. The campaign is ever-evolving, and rules within the game and this document may change as we progress. As you participate in the campaign and earn stars, you’ll unlock additional capabilities in the Guildhall, such as Free Archetype and starting at higher levels.

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Using discord for VC and Foundry.

Hi Damage, I would be keen to get involved however am fairly limited to weekends unless we are in a similar timezone. Can you update with what you time zone is? For info I am Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT+10)

I’m GMT -8 though we have 2 gms in GMt +2 and +3

Sweet, probably limits me to weekends to have sensible hours but keen to sign up for it

Around what time roughly do games usually start and how much rp is expected outside of missions? I had attempted a west march style game before but it was ridiculously rp heavy so want to give it another shot,I am at GMT -4 and do not mind occasionally joining a game if I am able to.

RP as much as you want to.

Hey @damage ! I’m Rudolph.

I’ve relatively new to Pathfinder 2e, but I’ve got my start hosting the Kingmaker adventure path and I’m looking to be on the player side. I’m new to the Forge, but I’ve heard the system is very robust.

I’d love to join your server, but the discord link appears to have expired. If you’re still looking for members, I hope you can reach out to me!

Sold! how do i join this?

Hi! Is this still up to date? European time zone here. :slight_smile: