Looking for player for Pathfinder 1E Campaign

Game System: Pathfinder 1E

Game Schedule:
Game won’t be starting till the New year, but I plan on keeping the same schedule my current group is on. We play bi-weekly on either Friday or Sunday (unless we schedule a make-up game because we missed a session). Time: 7pm Time Zone: Mountain Time

Brief Description:
Plan playing the ‘Age of Worms’ campaign from the old Dungeon Magazines, revised for Pathfinder. Or, the group will choose a pre-made or homebrew campaign, whichever. I have some people I have played with before that are joining, so we are up for whatever sounds fun.

I would like to say roleplay and world building are my favoured game play, but I am combat and skill based heavy, could be just how I was introduced to the game and it stuck with me. I maintain the mindset of: every action has a reaction and a dice roll should mean something.

Additional Details:
Discord is the only other program we currently use. Discord is our go-to for voice, game schedule, and game info, such as lore, journal, and treasure listing

Hey not sure if you got any replies yet, I would very much like to join up to the game.

i would love to join if there is still room

Awesome, yes. I still got some spot available

Yup, still got room. Welcome

Perfect. Just let me know what I need to do to join up. Thanks for the reply.

Thanks. Ya just let me know what i need to do to join

Hello, there. How can I apply?

I need a cover letter with a resume that list past gaming experiences within the last 3 years and I need at least 3 references. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just shoot me a dm and we can discuss game over discord

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