Looking for One Player

The DM

Hello! My name is Matt. I’m from Texas and I’m 27. I’m an experienced DM running an active game in a homebrew setting. I’ve been DMing for about 6 years and have been running on Foundry for a little over two years.

The Game Itself

The overarching conflict is that the party is making their way through the “Free Townes”, a collection of cities/towns along a coastline in the southeastern reaches of the continent. The Townes don’t care much for each other and enjoy their freedom. However, the “Townesfolk” not be enjoying it for much longer. On either side of them are two unstoppable forces. The upstart island empire of the Svitvani Imperium led by a self proclaimed “god emperor” lies further to the east. To the west the longstanding Grand Duchy of Buresova is vying to expand; all thanks to its new Archduchess, a Vampire Lord.

Brought into the area on a conscripted “find and retrieve” job. The party is in for the long haul.

They are currently skirmishing with an order of necromancers in Kurie (one of the Free Townes); a symptom of what is plaguing on the Free Townes. With our campaign taking place in the “past”, their choices on how they resolve any of region’s problems will matter. The party will have many opportunities to shape history.

I am looking for one player for this Level 4 (soon to be Level 5) Party.

We’ve had one drop and are looking for another consistent player.

DM me on discord (igloof) you’re interested and we can set up a time to chat!

Hi Matt,
I’m interested in playing.

I’ve been role-playing since the late 80’s.

Sandwiched between the vampire and the empire sounds interesting.

What day/ time do you guys play
(Please state time zone)
I’m in UK. (Currently on summer time GMT +1)

I’ve sent you a friend request on discord