Looking for One more player!

Need one more player for regular Tuesday night, 6-10PM Eastern, 5E Campaign – we’ll be running a 5E version of a Third Edition Classic - the Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil ! We’ve got a great group of players - with a mix of experienced and new - the most important thing is a desire to explore, role play, and beat down some bad guys in this D&D classic.


I would be interested. Just finished my tuesday ROTFM campaign after a year and would like to play some. I am also looking to run this adventure in the future so playing might help me. Message me if you still have a slot

Unfortunately we’ve filled the slot and I neglected to take down the post - good luck to you

I am looking to join your game if you have room. I have been playing D&D since 3rd edition and I absolutely love playing. If you still have room for one more, I’d be honored to join your group.

Hi Gladius - we’re currently full - but if I get an opening I’ll absolutely reach out to you.