Looking for Group: Curse of Strahd Adventure

Looking for Group: Curse of Strahd Adventure

About Me:

Greetings, fellow adventurers! My name is Travinkel, and I’m an avid Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast. I’ve been playing for 8+ years (2e, 3e, 3.5e, pathfinder) and started playing as a twelve year old. I’m excited to dive into the dark and mysterious world of Curse of Strahd.

Campaign Details:

  • Adventure: Curse of Strahd
  • System: Dungeons & Dragons 5e
  • Experience Level: [Beginner/Intermediate/Experienced]
  • Timezone: +1
  • Availability: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Every week.
  • Preferred Group Size: 3+

How to Reach Me:

If you’re interested in having me embark on this dark adventure with your group, send me a message here or reach out via discord. Let’s explore the mist-shrouded lands of Barovia and uncover its secrets!

May the dice be ever in your favor! :game_die::crossed_swords::full_moon: