[Looking for DM & Group] [Any day listed Afternoon/Early Evenings EST] PF2E or D&D5e

Hello, my name is Ryan, I am expanding out from Roll20 into Foundry so I am new to it. I am 20 years old and have EST time. I am a more combat oriented player I’d place myself at 60% combat and 40% roleplay. I really like dungeon delving, tactical combat and solving problems via speech, blade, magic or guile.

I am looking for a DM and Group to play with on here (Though I could reach out to friends I’ve made on roll20 if you need players). I can do the days listed for games starting session anywhere from 1pm-7pm U.S EST. I would rather not play past 10PM U.S EST.

I am down for PF2E or D&D 5e. Note that I am new to pathfinder 2e and an intermediate player of 5e. If this post interests you and you want a chill dude in your game hit me up on discord or respond to this post.

Discord: therootapostle