Looking for a group to learn me some DnD

My name is Gabriel and I am 35 y/o. I’m currently looking for a group in the EST time zone (or near) to play my first DnD games since 2nd edition (late 90s, i know). I’ve recently renewed my interest in TTRPG and I am in the process of starting an afterschool campaign for my students (middle-school). I think joining a game with experienced players would help me with learning the flow of the game.

I go to work quite early on the weekdays, but I am flexible about playing late sundays through thursdays.


Hi Gabriel - we’re starting a new campaign Tuesday evenings U.S. time – 6-10 Eastern (GMT-5) – the campaign is a revamp of an old third edition classic – Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil - we’re looking for one more player - are you interested? My discord is PatB_STL#0913