Looking for a DM to guide us!

Hello! My name is Milk, and myself plus 3-4 other friends are looking for a DM to guide us through a new campaign. I have small knowledge of DnD already and have played a couple games that lasted a few months but could use a refresher. My friends are very interested as well to take on the fun and challenging experience of DnD (this would be their first campaign). Our DM would have to be patient when it comes to teaching us the ways of DnD!

What game system(s) are you interested in?:
A DnD5e campaign is what we are interested in doing.

When can you play:
Available to play Saturday and Sunday, maybe Friday! Time can be discussed because all players are in different Time zones.

What should the prospective DM know about you as a player:
We love to play our characters in a roleplay aspect, we enjoy the combat and mysteriousness of all campaigns but any play style is great since all of us are very adaptable and just want to have fun.

If you are a DM interested in my pitch, please drop your discord and I will contact you!

Hi there feel free to msg me. Im well versed in dnd and teach 3rd graders dnd afterschool and at my local game store.