Logging into Forge/Foundry seems to disable my entire network; help!

Every Saturday morning I hop onto Forge/Foundry for a game. Been doing it relatively reliably for 3 years. But this past month every time I attempt to hop on, everything internet simply stops working. No email, no websites, no VTT, nothing. Nothing works until a full computer AND modem reset.

My household has run troubleshooting system scans, virus scans, checked all the cable connections, tried data hotspot and wireless Wi-Fi. We’ve tried playing on different devices and different networks. We’ve had conversations with the ISP (who say everything appears alright on their end).

Every weekend it’s the same thing. Nothing (internet related) loads up. It says we’re online, but have no internet. Everything works perfectly all week. Works fine on Saturday mornings even–right up until I try to connect to the Forge servers. Then the trouble repeats.

Both my family and roleplaying group have tried everything we can think of to discern the cause and fix the issue, but nothing seems to work. We’re all at our wits end.

The last three and a half games have been held up because of this, because of me. We also have a new player join up recently and he’s liable to quit if he can’t get some playtime soon. It’s pay to play, so this is interfering not just with fun, but with people’s livelihoods and payed time. If it keeps up, the group is going to have no choice but to kick me out to save the campaign.

Has anything like this happened to you? Do you guys have any idea what could be causing it or how it might be resolved?

It could be an internet congestion issue during Saturday mornings. But since you mentioned that the problem still happens even when changing devices and networks, I don’t think that’s the case. It seems to be an issue specifically with the Forge servers.

Have you tried connecting to the servers at another time of day or on another day of the week entirely?

That’s our play group’s next test.

I believe it could be worthwhile to do a connection test with all modules disabled as well, just to check if any could be causing problems. Some people were reporting problems with LiveKit A/V recently, so if you’re using that it could possibly be related. On another note, which version of Foundry are you using?

Hey there @ravingdork

This is very strange behaviour, and I’ve never encountered something like it before.
There are two things that I can think of that might be happening.

A) ISP might be blocking the connection when it detects what it considers to be ‘unusual activity’ (the browser is connecting to Foundry via websockets, which are very common and shouldn’t be considered unusual. I think this is unlikely, but you could try to test with a VPN which should let you get around it, if it is happening.

B) The router might be crashing due to faulty hardware/software or configuration. Considering that you need to restart the router, this seems to be the most likely explanation. If possible, I’d recommend testing with your computer disconnected from the router, and connecting to The Forge through mobile tethering. If this succeeds, then it’s likely that the issue is coming in in the way that the router handles the connection.

Hope this helps. Please let me know if this helps you troubleshoot the issue

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Just had another game ruined by this phenomenon. Tried the VPN, tried the tethering, tried both, but it didn’t seem to do anything different. Everything (internet) failed again.

It only seems to happen when I try to connect directly to the game. It takes me to the login prompt, says I’ve logged in successfully, then loads forever. At that point it (1) neve pulls up the game, and (2) shuts off all online activity for all services. Everything that requires internet simply stops working, as if there was no connection at all.

Is there anyone willing to invite me to their game, to see if it happens when I try to login to a different game? At the moment, I only have the one.

EDIT: It seems Forge will let me login to my own games, though I don’t know if that means anythign significant at all.

I have been having the same issue as a well. Everytime for the past 3 weeks, I try to login to Forge/Foundry for a game and my internet stops working. Restarting the computer gets me back on but I cannot access the game. Tried both Edge and Chrome, tried without my firewall on, and even got a new adapter for wifi. Nothing worked so far. My whole group has been trying to help me solve it and nothing we have come up with worked. We need help, please?!

Yeah I tried turning off my firewall as well. No luck; made no difference at all.

I thought it was because I use AVG, but i don’t think that is the issue.

If you’re encountering infinite loading when you’re logging into the world, it could be that something is going on in the browser. In many cases, this can crash the browser if excessive JS imports for modules or too many network calls are being performed.

In those case cases, the individual browser may crash and the device running the browser may perform slowly or be unable to connect to the internet because of too many active connections, which might make it look like the internet is going down for the rest of the house and the router. Usually, ending the process or restarting the specific device should fix this, since those connections should be terminated.

This might be what we’re seeing here, so let’s investigate that. @ravingdork and @lighthawkmaster57 could you please ask the game owners to run through the world size and module issues sections of The Gray Screen troubleshooting docs, specifically the section on launching the world in Safe Configuration. You can also check to make sure that hardware acceleration is enabled on your own devices.

These are the most common causes of worlds failing to load and it’s possible that the rest of what we’re seeing are knock-on effects and failures related to excessive resource use or crashes. Forge has no power to shut down the internet on network devices linked to the connecting device, so something else must be going wrong as a result of the failure to connect.

Specifically, please also open up your browser dev tools (F12) console before loading the game, and post a screenshot of any error messages you see in the console here. That may help us understand where it’s going wrong.

If you have any trouble troubleshooting, please ask the game owner to create a ticket in the #ticket-support channel of our Discord server and reference this issue, and post an invite to the game there, and we should be able to jump in and check the specific worlds from the inside.