Livekit Server erroring

Hello , I have my liveKit module and actually in patreon in order to have the keys and password. Yesterday liVekit was working really well , but today im having an error and is not working .
the error says “could not stablish signal connection” i need help with tha please

As you mention Patreon in order to get the keys and password, it means you’re using the livekit server fro The Tavern. That’s not related to The Forge in any way, and I’d recommend asking them directly if they are having an issue with their servers.

Hi! yeah the weird thing is that is working in local foundry , and is just failing in Forge.
I think i found the issue , im in UK but my forge server was in America for some reason . I just changed the site. Fingers crossed .

So yeah it was the server location as soon as i put it in Europe . is working fine , thanks!

That’s very weird as that shouldn’t have any consequences unless you’re using the Forge livekit server, instead of the Tavern’s, and even then, the North American Livekit servers seem to be working just fine, so I’m surprised. Either way, glad it’s working for you!

yeah i know, doesnt makes too much sense …it could be that or just a coincidence with A Tavern server issue ?
anyway is working ! thanks for your help