LIveKit query about piping in external sounds

When we use Discord for video chat I can add a bot called Kenku FM as an entity that joins the chat and I can play music and sounds through that in to the voice chat.

Is there a way to create a “bot” and give it a log in to my world so that it can stream sounds in to the game from an outside source?

I don’t think that’s doable. What I personally like to do is use Discord for the audio and keep only the video inside of Foundry with LiveKit. This has the added benefit that if you need to refresh the page (i.e: enabling/disabling a module, or browser crash or something), it doesn’t make the player lose out on the conversation.

I am giving Forge and LiveKit a go for the first time tonight on a free trial.

In Discord I created a bot so that Kenku FM could pipe music in to the voice chat from Apple, YouTube, anywhere that I could get to with the inbuilt browser.

Is this something that can be done in The Forge using LiveKit?

Can’t see my last post about this anywhere?

I like the idea of this but some of my players computers wouldn’t be able to cope with Discord and LiveKit running at the same time.

Thank you for the reply though.