LFPs for a Sunday morning 5e Campaign. Beginners welcome. Campaign TBD (see post)

My name is Matthew, but I normally go by Gyoza or DM while running a game. I’m going to start a campaign that will be Sunday mornings at 9am CST (GMT-5). Campaign will likely be Dragon of Icespire Peak, but I’m also considering a homebrew campaign consisting of a few modules that I’ve found to work well together centered around Castle Rend from the MCDM Strongholds and Followers book. Coordination and voice chat would be over discord. Please contact me, Physicist626, on discord if interested.

I have run both campaigns before. There would be a free session zero to work on technical issues, introductions, triple checking that everyone is on the same page of “cooperative role-playing game”, and review any homebrew rules voted on by the players in discord. After that, sessions are $15 per player per session. A small discount is available if someone wants to handle music, otherwise I will take care of it myself.

I like my games to be a healthy mix of being “fantasy world gritty realistic” to help immersion (not every npc will help or like you), and the PCs being special to help create epic moments. I will ask a few questions to (attempt to) make sure everyone in the group is compatible before we lock in our players. There will be a primer going over basic things such as “Make a PC that wants/needs to be an adventurer for whatever reason, not a PC that just wants to hide and go home.”

A little more about the 2 possible campaigns:
Dragon of Icespire Peak is a very beginner friendly campaign that has adventurers taking jobs at a job board in a small town. Very strait forward. The jobs do get more complicated and dangerous, with a small amount of story and side-story that can be found if the players are inquisitive.
The homebrew campaign involves helping out a small kingdom that has recently gone through a regime change. Light to Heavy amount of politics, combat, and logistics if the PCs decide to get involved in those things.