[LFP][WFRP4E][Free] The Enemy Within Campaign


Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4E: The Enemy Within Campaign

Saturdays 6-10 PM GMT-5

The revised and updated director’s cut of The Enemy Within, one of the most highly regarded roleplaying campaigns ever written. Gather your heroes as you take them from humble beginnings as penniless novice adventurers to the halls of the great and powerful, where nothing is as it seems, and every decision can change the fate of the empire.

Played weekly with Forge VTT and Discord used for chat and voice communication. Message me with your discord username is interested or simply message me there. Discord: Burger#6278

hi I’m interested in joining your game my Discord is.
Lord Explodecus#9155

Love to join if you still got room

I’m down to join, just let me know what the next steps are.

Hi, My discord is Black Sea Tempest#6270. I have not played WFRP before, but I have the core rulebook and have been reading through it. If you are still looking for players, I would love to join.

I would love to join if there’s room. I played WFRP in the 80’s and would love to get back into it. sworcha#1980