[LFP][The One Ring][Free] - Echoes of Dark Sorcery

Module/Campaign Name: Echoes of Dark Sorcery
System: The One Ring 2e
Time (Include Timezone): Variable, West Marches type scheduling. LoreMaster is EST (GMT-5) with time available on some Weekday evenings, and Weekends.
Players Needed: Variable, semi-open table run West Marches style (18+)
Voice Or Text: Voice/Video Discord
Medium: Foundry VTT
Experience Level: Any, Tolkien fans encouraged
Additional Campaign Information:

In the year 2945 of the Third Age of Middle-Earth, a renewed sense of hope is present in the air. It has been no more than four years since the malevolent presence of The Necromancer fled Dol Guldur, leaving the Hill of Dark Sorcery eerily empty and desolate. Yet, whispers persist, carried on the wind like fleeting dreams, hinting at untold riches—vast hoards of gold, gems, and treasures beyond mortal reckoning—still concealed within the sinister depths of that accursed place.

However, these whispers carry with them a chilling warning. Rumors, like tendrils of gloom creeping through the land, suggest that Dol Guldur may not be as abandoned as first believed. Dark whispers speak of lingering malevolence, of secrets buried deep within its foul pits, waiting to ensnare the unwary.

For millennia, the Southwest of Rhovanion has lain cloaked in obscurity, overshadowed by the ominous presence of Dol Guldur. Yet, amidst the lifting darkness, a faint glimmer of hope emerges. The Free Peoples of Middle-Earth now hear the desperate calls for aid from a humble settlement known as The Toft. Oppressed for generations by the looming threat of Dol Guldur, The Toft beckons to bold champions willing to brave the unknown, to delve into the heart of darkness itself.

Whether driven by the desire for wealth, the pursuit of renown, the quest for ancient artifacts, or simply the desire to safeguard the fragile peace of the land, all who seek adventure will find it. But beware, for in the unfathomable depths of Dol Guldur, danger lurks at every turn, and the line between valour and folly grows ever thinner.

This will be a West Marches type campaign focused on exploring the areas around The Toft, with the end goal being to explore the inner depths of Sauron’s one-time fortress. There will also be elements of settlement development for those who enjoy that type of mechanic. Since The One Ring is not a West Marches system, several game mechanics will be finessed to better fit this style, but maintain the feel of The One Ring game. In-character role playing will be heavily emphasized, and I wish to explore the Shadow system to its fullest so I invite both white-hat and grey-hat character concepts to participate. The Lord of the Rings tale would not be the same without flawed heroes like Boromir, Bilbo and Frodo, or stalwart companions such as Samwise, Faramir and Gimli.

This group will most likely feed into a later campaign set in Moria once that supplement releases.

DM me to be added to the candidates list, I’m in pre-prep now and planning to launch in late February or early March.

Hey! I saw your listing, and I know it’s old but I wanted to know if you potentially still had the slot open for the game? I played in a decently long-lasting The One Ring game and fell in love with the system. I’m a big Tolkien fan, so being able to take part in that world again would honestly be great.

If you’re up to chat (and since I can’t figure out how to send DMs via this website), add me on Discord: thefinalpam

Friend request sent on Discord. I’m always looking for quality, motivated players.