LFP The Longest Road campaign (Need 1 player)

LFP The Longest Road campaign (Need 1 player)

We play on Fridays
(13:00 Friday, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
(15:00 Friday, Central European Time (CET)
and play for about 4 hours.

Hey im N-koh (Gabe), the Dm of this campaign.
Thanks for reading this LFG post.

Lets get the Dm/mechanical things sorted first.
We play on Forgevtt (No really! jk) and use Discord for VC.
I record all sessions and upload them to Youtube.
So if you are not ok with that, then this game isn’t for you.
(I don’t upload it for subscribers, its a thing that I started because of coworkers who wanted to see more of me playing.)

N-Koh Dm’s C4 S1 P1 The Longest road.

The Campaign im running is focused on roleplay, but there is definitely combat.
Most combat is optional and can be bypassed, some combat “Story moments” are due to roll’s and player consequences.
I tend to reward clever roleplay and clever uses of spells, items ect.
The sub-focus of the game is a bit of mystery/Investigation kind of puzzle solving.
(What’s in the Crate?! And why does everyone and their granny want it?)
And roleplay with the other players as well as both recurring NPC’s and one’s you might only meet once.
The rest is player driven, with a mix of d100 rolls to see what happens every day of travel.

All official classes/subclasses, races, backgrounds, feats, spells and so on are all allowed.
All playtest (UA) are an option, just let me know so i can re-read up on it.
If the playtest material changes, it we will talk if we on our table change it.
Homebrew is an option, but you have to talk to me about it and i have to give the go ahead.
I have no restrictions on Multiclassing.

Players start at level 6 - free feat at level 1
1000 starting gold.
And some magic items: 1 rare, 1 uncommon with attunement, 1 uncommon without attunement and 1 common.
Point buy 30 or roll 4d6 drop the lowest.
(If you roll, you will do so in our discord channel - we got a bot for it)

Lets introduce the players and characters.
Player - Character name - Race - Class
Kaosken (Ken): Cole - Shifter - Pugilist
Sandimandi (Sandi): Kaida - Wood elf - Drake warden Ranger (UA) Her dragon is named Koda
Pancake: Sliep - Plasmoid - Rune knight Fighter
Uri: Lorryn - Tabaxi - Eloquence bard

NPC’s whom the players travle with.
Jack & Mary, two experienced caravanners with multilabel travels along the Longest road.
Twin brother and sister.
Jack - Sidekick - Expert
Mary - Sidekick - Spellcaster

World Lore: Magic is uncommon (about 30% of people can use it) so spell casters are more frequent.
Important info if you want the mage slayer feat.
Most people take weeks if not months to heal from a broken arm, without Potions or magical healing.
The players, heal abnormally fast. (Short rest/Long rest)

Story summary:
-The players were hired by a group of merchants to transport a crate with an unknown contents to the far west, along the Longest Road.

-The Longest Road being a road that spans the entire continent from The Capital of East End (Players starting point) to The Town of West end.
-The road crosses many dangerous places and thus have need of people to guard the caravans and traders whom frequent the Longest road.

-The players are part of the Scout cart and are thus the spear head of the caravan.
Traveling after them is the Main caravan, following that is the Rear Guard.

  • however before the players even set out from the capital, they were ambushed by strange people who’s intentions were unclear.

-As the players have traveled from town to town, they have been repeatedly harassed by the (Cult) as the players have taken to call them.
-Strange people wearing red robes, all seeking to attack the main caravan.
Seemingly to steal the contents of the crate.

-The players have been marked by a strange circle that has appeared on their body. (To some comedic effect)
This mark seem to have some connection to the contents of the crate, that the main caravan guards so fiercely.

-After receiving the mark, the players have grown more powerful far faster then the norm.
Their new found power is something that might not be best shared with others, due to people’s unwelcome interest in a person whos broken arm heals with just a long rest.
Or how several stab wounds to the gut heals with just an hour short rest.

If you made it this far i take it that you might be interested.
So what the party needs the most is someone with a bit of intelligence skills (arcana/history/religion).
And another spellcaster is what the party feels they need most.
But that is not a Absolut requirement, if you cant decide what to play its just a player request.
But should play what you want.

Lastly for you all to send me a idea for your character.

Your name (User id) & Character name.
Race sub-race.
Class & subclass (Multi class).
If there is something you want to explore about your character.
And most importantly tell me about you.