[LFP] - [The Dark Eye]

Hello everyone,

I am interested in hosting a campaign for The Dark Eye and looking for 3-4 players to join.

This will be beginner friendly and therefore open to people that want to try this system. I have been running this campaign for about 20 years with my core group and would like to expand on the story with a new string of adventures that will feed into this world.

I also would like to gave you guys a little heads-up as this will be the very first time where I will run The Dark Eye in English.

I hope I am able to find a few people here that would like to dive into this system and experience great adventures together on preferably Saturdays around 11AM CET.

Please let me know if you are interested and I hope to see you soon!

Are you still looking for players? I have played DSA on Foundry before, so I am not totally inexperienced in that regard. My main problem is that I won’t be able to play this Saturday, because it is the Easter weekend.

Hey there! Thank you for your reply. Yes still looking and I maybe should have put a date on this as well rather than just a day. I had April 22 planned to be session 0.

Please feel free to add me on Discord: r3KoR#7876

Still need more players though.

Don’t be surprised that I just sent you a friend request on Discord. I’m Bernfels