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Playing on Discord & Roll20

In the beginning, the Gods and Goddesses created all life on Earthica. Grass, ground, water, air, living beings and all the colors of the rainbow. However everything was so chaotic what with the different types of beasts and creatures running amok. So the Pantheon created a being that was powerful enough to judge, jury and execute the creatures that would upset the balance of chaos and peace for the future of Earthica. Eventually, the seemingly omnipotent being deemed all sentient life as unbalanced and had started killing everything. When the Pantheon learned of this, they tried to kill their creation, but they failed. So they imprisoned him in between the Shadowfell and the Astral Plane in a void realm.

1900 years later, he began breaking the divine magical prison he was put in, and it is prophesied that a group of heroes would come together and seal his prison forever, lest the fate of Earthica be damned.

With The Old One breaking free of his magical temporal prison, the world of Earthica suffers tears in the realm leading to his void. Rumors of terrible, twisted beasts come from these portals and wreak havoc on anything in their path. A Cult, lead by a faithful follower of the ancient, seemingly unstoppable being of old, has heard of a prophecy, that will shut out his God from the Prime Material Realm for all time. He intends to stop that from happening.

The 7 Crystal Shards of Realm and Reality, and a choice, are the only things that stand between the could be Champions of Earthica and sudden planetary doom if The Old One

Bi weekly Thursdays 8pm $20 they have DM’d this game for 6 years and we’re going to be streaming the campaign on Twitch PM

A little bit about the campaign Tales of Earthica is a D&D 5E Homebrewed Sandbox RPG with a choice-based gameplay mechanic that provides a specific outcome for your choices, creating a unique player experience that makes for interesting and fun gameplay!

Each main and side quest has at least 2 methods for achieving success, and at least two moral paths to take a stance on with rewards and consequences for both!
Tales of Earthica is designed to grow and revolve around your choices so choose wisely!

Oh, and did I mention I do not impose material components for players to simply cast spells?

I have music constantly going for everything.
If you’re in a tavern, I play Tavern themed music!
Boss fight or just a simple combat between highwaymen or lower level enemies? I’ve got music for that :wink:
Dungeon or cave ambience and music?
Oh yeah, I got you.
Each major village town or Kingdom has their own musical theme as well! 

I hand make all of my maps, so that your character always has somewhere to be standing and exploration to be had!
Meaning, you’re not just seeing battle maps, you’re seeing everything from paths to forested areas, inside buildings, plains and everything in between the combat!

I am always prepared to take requests for people who want to see a portion of the world that I have yet to make maps for, so if that is in demand and you are currently participating sessions in my game - then please message me with your request and I will do so as soon as possible!