[LFP][SWRPG][$20][Foundry VTT][First Session Free] Holocrons of the Old Order

Platform: Discord/Foundry
System: Force and Destiny
Frequency: Weekly
Price: $20
Time: Thursdays, 11:00 am EST
Player Slots: 3/5 seats are filled
How to Apply: Play Star Wars RPG by Fantasy Flight Games Online | Holocrons of the Old Order | Star Wars: Force and Destiny | Beginners Welcome | LGBTQIA+ Friendly | First Session Free
In Force and Destiny, you play as Force-sensitive characters trying to survive post-Order 66 in the vast galaxy far far away. As a newly emerged Force-user (or a survivor from times past), you will delve into ruins and temples that hold the forbidden ancient knowledge. As you try to learn more about the Force and its mysteries, you will have to do your best not to be discovered by the cunning agents of the Imperial Security Bureau or the dreaded Inquisitors.

You might discover derelict old battleships built by the Jedi or even older cities built and forgotten by the Sith. Holocrons of times long gone will guide you during the trials of the Force, but you might want to forge your destiny on your own. Both sides of the Force call out to you as you walk the path to your fate. Can you resist the call of the Dark Side and try to save the galaxy as it cries out for help? Or will you perhaps answer the call with an iron fist of your own, bringing all who wouldn’t bow to their knees?

The adventure takes place during the time of the Galactic Empire, after the destruction of the first Death Star in A New Hope but before the Battle of Hoth in Empire Strikes Back, and uses the Force and Destiny system from Fantasy Flight Games, which perfectly evokes the feeling of the galaxy far far away and lets the players tell their own stories among the trillions of stars. The story begins on the planet Spintir as you attempt to rescue a friend from the clutches of evil. From there it will open up into a KOTOR-like planet-hopping adventure with the entire galaxy at your disposal as you search for the holocrons that can guide you to your new destiny.