[LFP][Starfinder][Paid] The Devastation Ark, levels 13-20

This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of $15USD per session via PayPal.

I’m looking for up to 3 more players to join a group of 6 players (for a total of 6) for a somewhat long term weekly pay-to-play campaign using the pre-written Adventure Path module: The Devastation Ark, every Friday 1:00AM GMT (Subject to Daylight Saving Time). It is a continuation campaign for the current players who have completed the Adventure Path module: Signal of Screams. Your first session will be free, where after that it will be $15USD per session.

In terms of party composition, we have: a Solarion and two Operatives.

Though this game is targeted to American audiences, those outside of the region are of course welcome. It is just that it may be difficult for you due to the differences with the time zone.

Beginners and newcomers to both Starfinder and Foundry are welcome. Help will given to those who request it out of session at no extra cost. Also, if everyone agrees and wishes for it to be, it can be a sanctioned Starfinder Society (Paizo’s Organised Play, similar to Wizards of the Coast’s D&D Adventurers League) game.

Note: I assume anyone who applies will be over 18, otherwise I will need an explicit permission from their parent(s) and be no younger than 13.

Game System: Starfinder
Tabletop Format: Online on Foundry VTT and Discord
Schedule: Weekly, Friday, 1AM-4AM GMT
Payment: $15US per Session
Seats Available: Up to 3 Players
Details: Rescuing a xenoarcheological team on a distant, frozen world from weather gone haywire, the heroes unearth more than they bargained for as an ancient ruin rises from the ground and kicks off a series of events that could change the face of the galaxy forever. The tower contains secrets of a warlike civilization thought long dead and is strangely connected to small moon in the Pact Worlds. Returning to explore a previously unknown facility under the moon’s surface that threatens to overheat and destroy all life there, the heroes learn that the moon is signalling a gigantic alien craft, drawing it toward the system with lethal intent!