[LFP] [Starfinder] [Paid] [Foundry] [Oneshot] Band on the Run ~ Starfinder Oneshot 🎸

Band on the Run ~ Starfinder Oneshot :star2::guitar:

:crossed_swords: Game System: Starfinder using Foundry VTT and Discord for Voice

:calendar: When do you play: Sunday May 1st 6PM CST (tentative)

:scroll: Brief Description of the game/setting/premise: In this adventure you play the members of an up-and-coming rock band! You are all set for the career-making opportunity to play at the Pact Worlds’ biggest concert venue! But when your rickety starbus breaks down with mere hours left in the journey, you will have to pack up your instruments and hitch a ride or two through the asteroids of the Diaspora. Will the power of music help you get to the gig on time, or will your miss their shot at making it big?

This oneshot is perfect for starfinder beginners, and experienced players alike. It comes with 4 pregenerated band members, but is open ended enough that players can come up with an entirely new band all of their own as well!

:memo: Link: Play Starfinder Online | Band on the Run ~ Starfinder Oneshot 🌟🎸