[LFP] [Starfinder] [Paid] [Foundry] [Campaign] Fly Free or Die ๐Ÿš€

Fly Free or Die

:star:: Starfinder

:calendar:: Fridays at 11:00 CST (flexible)

:milky_way: : Have you ever wanted to fight back against corporate power? Get back at those who used you for their own gains? Carve out your own place in a harsh controlling galaxy? In that case Fly Free or Die is just the adventure for you! *Fly Free or Die is the story of a crew of scoundrels, rogues, and misfits trying to survive in a galaxy where everyone has a price. This isnโ€™t an Adventure Path about saving the galaxy; the heroes of Fly Free or Die work for a living. Honestly, theyโ€™d never call themselves heroes, and their integrity is constantly tested. This is the story of a starship crew that goes from rags to richesโ€ฆ but then to ruin and revenge.

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