[LFP][Starfinder][Paid] Attack of the Swarm!, levels 1-13

This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of $10USD per session via PayPal.

I’m looking for up to 2 more players to join a group of 4 players (for a total of 6) for a long term weekly pay-to-play campaign using the pre-written Adventure Path module: Attack of the Swarm!, every Wednesday 7:00PM GMT+1 (Subject to Daylight Saving Time). Your first session will be free, where after that it will be $10USD per session.

Though this game is targeted to European audiences, those outside of the region are of course welcome. It is just that it may be difficult for you due to the differences with the time zone.

Beginners and newcomers to both Starfinder and Foundry are welcome. Help will given to those who request it out of session at no extra cost. Also, if everyone agrees and wishes for it to be, it can be a sanctioned Starfinder Society (Paizo’s Organised Play, similar to Wizards of the Coast’s D&D Adventurers League) game.

Note: I assume anyone who applies will be over 18, otherwise I will need an explicit permission from their parent(s) and be no younger than 13.

Game System: Starfinder
Tabletop Format: Online on Foundry VTT and Discord
Schedule: Weekly, Wednesday, 7PM-10PM GMT+1
Payment: $10US per Session
Seats Available: Up to 2 Players
Details: As the ever-ravenous threat of the insectile Swarm surges across another system in the Vast, the heroes are part of the defence effort. They must fight back against waves of foes and rescue civilians, including a shirren priest of Hylax whose temple seems to be of particular interest to the invaders. By relying on their wits—and each other—the heroes just might survive the Swarm onslaught.