[LFP][Shadowdark][Free] - World of Gloam (Homebrew Setting)

Hello. This is a Shadowdark RPG homebrew world and campaign. It is set in a world that is freezing while arcane energies leak from cracks in the surface. The gods forsook their followers, magic was rampant, and eldritch horrors are whispered of in the corridors of power. Then, the imprisoned eldritch gods were released & dragons died. The world is now drained of ley energy. The gods have returned. History was lost and now sought.

Here is the recruit PITCH DOCUMENT to help explain elements of the world and campaign. We are looking for 1 to 2 more players.

We use Discord for voice. Please know how to use Discord.

Currently, the time is set for Saturdays at noon CST.

Age: (21+)
Why Are You Awesome?:
Why is your character wanting to work with the group?:

Also, if you’re curious, what is Shadowdark?

Shadowdark is a new system that modernizes older systems (OSR) into a nomenclature & set of rules seen in modern d20 systems (D&D 5e). It’s simplicity encourages dungeon delving, a bit more lethality, and exploration in your game. (Not to mention, its easier to roleplay when there aren’t rules standing in the way of your game.)

I will provide a copy of the rules for all players to use, but there are a few resources for those who are curious. First, here are the free Quickstart Rules. And you can easily generate a character over at Shadowdarklings.

Saw your post, interesting Pitch, yet the time conflicts, so I have to ask, is that set in stone? Any chance the day might change? Please feel free to DM in Discord @teacherx

The time is set in relative stone to accommodate the overseas schedules. Would you need it to shift one way or the other by much?

Sat. noon conflicts with a game I GM. Sat evening is also taken in a game I play. I have Mon., Tues., Thur., Fri. I usually keep Sun free to have a day to myself, but other games have come to conclusion. So my weekdays have opened up.

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Sounds like myself. This is just my long-running Saturday group and we’re looking to start a new campaign. So it’s pretty set on time. Especially with us having people all over the place.