[LFP][Scum & Villainy][$5/Session][Sat 1:00 PM CST] The Fool's Errand : A Star Wars story

She started out life as a small scoop-class ship in service to the Sluissi Mining Guild, were she served nearly 15 years without incident.

One day, however, while making a standard drop run to the Gotal colony-world of Atzerri the ship was set upon by pirates. The crew managed an escape, but the ship’s primary core was damaged and she was abandoned…written off as a complete loss.

Turn the calendar 5 years forward. A human freight pilot named Aman Tiggs salvaged the wreckage in an off-world yard. His aim was to reclaim some of the ore-hold and use it as smuggling compartments. Unfortunately for Captain Tiggs, the disguise was easily seen through by the Security Bureau and a large consignment of spice was captured, Tiggs was imprisoned and the ship was impounded.

She sat in a dry dock for 9 months collecting dust, until her number came up on the auction block. That’s where you come in…thanks to a small turn-out, a fast-talking auctioneer, and some inventive banking…you and your band have come away the proud new owners of the Fool’s Errand…what will you do now?