LFP Rise of the Drow 5e (Free)

You will be playing in the Aventyr Campaign Setting.
This campaign will have a mixture of overland and underworld travel. The main Adventure is Rise of The Drow. You will be going from 1st - 15th level by the end of the campaign. Perhaps even further depending on how much exploring the group does. Currently the party is at 4th level.
You will need good audio/visual as we do stream on Twitch.
My games are open to each and everyone either Veterans or Newer Players. I have done campaigns with younger players so that will not be a problem with me.
All of my games are LGBTQ+ Friendly. As I said above I welcome everyone to my games. DM me on Discord TavernHarriers#5313

What time do you start each session

I am also interested in when this would take place. If we are still looking for players.