[LFP] Rifts: Heroes for Hire [Savage Worlds] [Campaign] [FoundryVTT] [2-5 Players] [10$ per player per session] [Weekly] [Sunday] [8 PM EST]

Game System
Savage Worlds, using the Rifts setting

We play once a week, every Sunday, 8 pm EST. First game on 2023-02-06T02:00:00Z*

Setting and Premise
The world of post-post-apocalyptical North America needs heroes… for a price, of course.

Play the role of mercenaries, taking on Contacts for people in need. Defending towns from a bugmen attack, taking on bounties to bring criminals to justice, or find Golden Age artifacts from ruined cities for research, the people of Rifts Earth desperately need heroes and they have the credits to burn.

At the start of each session, the party will choose a Contract to fulfill. Each Contract is a self-contained, episodic adventure with open endings. Your actions in Rifts: Heroes for Hire will have lasting consequences in the game world, and influence future Contracts.

We’ll be using Foundry and Discord. A mic is required, no webcam required. I’ll be providing all the books. Players are encouraged to make their own characters, but not required: I’m happy to provide a stable of pre-made characters for players to use.

Game Listing: https://startplaying.games/adventure/cldjdxclu001i08johig8ebul