[LFP][PF2E][Sunday]5:30pm PST]

Gamemasters : Kip /Chelsea

2 games that Rotate : Skull & Shakels (lvl 2) Abomination Vault (Lvl 8)

Sunday 5:30pm PST

Style - Layed back general play. Free to play

Free Archtype, Ancestry Paragon, all books open

Hello interested in possibly joining anyway I can get some additional info

Hi there,
What information are you looking for?
Some Random info:
The Vault of Abomination lvl 8 - 2 players - Gnome Champion/Paladin, Ork Keneticist.
Skull and Chackles lvl 3. Kobold Bard, and Catfolk Swashbuckler. NPC Gun Slinger

we hope to get up-to 5 people into the group.

Is this weekly? Bi-weekly?

Do you use a VTT? Discord?

we use Discord Voice and foundry for vtt
chelseawilliams is my name on discord

is there still a slot open in your skull & shackels campaign?