[LFP] [PF2e] Pirate your way through Indigo Isles

:crossed_swords: Game System: Pathfinder 2nd edition in the Indigo Isles
:calendar: Thursdays, 19:00 (GMT+1)
I want to start my journey with Pathfinder 2e. I am currently running 2 dnd5e campaigns and looking forward expanding into Pathfinder. I want to aim for 50/50 split between RP and combat.
I am looking for 4 players to join a campaign in Indigo Isles, pirate campaign from Battlezoo. We can decide about the things you all need in session zero like Free Archetype if you tell me what do you want to go with.

:key: Additional info:
I am looking for mature players that want to cooperate with other players, I don’t like evil characters or killing NPCs without any reason. Murder hobos are not my jam. So if you are a kind player that want to build the epic story and friendships in a colourful campaign please leave some information below.
No idea yet when the campaign will start, hopefully in the early December, but stay with me as I figure things out in the holiday season.

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Hello. Veteran Pathfinder player here. I would love to play in your pirate game, if you are willing to have me. I am friendly/ easy-going, and can teach the game to any who is not familiar with it. :slight_smile:

HMU at your leisure.


Hi, Veteran to PnP, but relatively new to PF2e here. I am a ye big ol softie and like happy ends as well as not murder-hoboing so your campaign description made me very interested. Is there still a slot open?
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Hello loqen ! My name is Randall and I’ve been a TTRP DM since 1982 and VTTRPGr since 2014 (Roll20 w/PF1E, DnD5e). After taking a couple of years off due to IRL stuff, in 2023 I bought PF2E Core, HeroLab Online (w/PF2E Core GM+Player), Foundry VTT and this subsc. to The Forge. In essence, I’m starting out brand new since Foundry is so much more than Roll20 and Paizo revamped PF2E into almost a new (better) system IMO. My goal is to become a fluent PF2E Player in Foundry before hosting my own games again. I’m in the CST so the game time is great.
If having a quasi-noob Player with a lot of rpg experience will work in your Group I’d be thankful to join.


Michael here. I’ve been playing on and off for decades now, never consistency unfortunately.
I just wrapped up running the “Menace Under Otari” adventure for my party (took them months IRL!), and I kind of fell in love with PF2e.

I bought the Indigo Isles module, hoping to run it, but my crew decided to switch back to 5E and stick with more “generic” content. I’d really love to explore the Indigo Isles as a player and not have to wait weeks between visits.

It’s been two months since your post, so I’m not holding my breath, but the time and setting seem perfect for me.

Enjoy either way :slight_smile:

Let’s chat! I’ve started a Friday night 7PM game: (Abomination Vaults). I haven’t seen Indigo Isles yet but sounds interesting. I’m going to check into that today. I’ll be around the house today, mainly outside installing a new digital antenna for local tv channels (yes, I have the major Streaming services but no local news) but I’ll be checking Discord now and then.