[LFP][PF2e][Paid][Wednesday 12PM EDT] Abomination Vaults - First chapter discounted

Beginner Friendly LGBTQ+ Friendly required

This is a paid game through startplaying, hosted through forge, and will be using discord voice

:crossed_swords: Pathfinder Second Edition

:calendar: Wednesdays at noon, EDT

:scroll: Enter the megadungeon! Evil stirs in the depths of the Abomination Vaults, a sprawling dungeon where the evil sorcerer Belcorra Haruvex attempted to raise an army of monsters hundreds of years ago. Brave heroes must venture into a dungeon full of beasts and traps to prevent a spiteful villain from rising again.

:memo: This group is currently 3 players, but looking for more. We are starting tomorrow, but if you need a week feel free to jump in when you can. If interested, you can reach out to me on discord at AnarcakE#9424 for the fastest response