[LFP] [PF2e] [Paid] [Online] [$7] [Thursdays 4PM PST] Well Made Kobold Homebrew Campaign!

:dragon_face: Big Trouble in Little Hooklight :bulb:

Homebrew Campaign (Pathfinder 2nd Edition / PF2e)

Looking For :two: Players :chair:

Join a passionate GM in a running of a modified Little Trouble in Big Absalom from levels 1 - 2 that then blossoms into a short level 2 - 5 homebrew campaign for Kobold & Poppet Players.

*Become an Agent of the Hooksnout clan of Kobolds – a feral clan of darkland tunnelers that fear ‘upsiders’ in an adventure securing a “Treasure Vault” for this elusive tribe that turns into a story about a Grandmother, Child and a Weird Neighbor. *

Find magic in the mundane and unearth great “treasures” in a homebrew campaign months in the planning & making. Acquire shinies and enjoy a player-centric homebrew experience all about Kobolds, Dragons, Poppets in a tight 3 - 4 months of gameplay!

GM has an incredible setup that is sure to impress anyone and a campaign that’s been months in the making with years of GM experience. This is something you do not want to miss and is open to anybody 18+ to inquire about.

  • :purse: Price: Free Session 0 + 1, then $6 USD (about $7 after Fee’s) via Startplaying / Session.

  • :clock4: Time: 4PM PST Thursdays / 12:00:00 AM Coordinated Universal Time (Your Time)
    (Not starting until late Dec/Early Jan.)

  • :hourglass_flowing_sand: Duration: 3-4 hour average.

  • :joystick: Playstyle: Discord Voice, Foundry VTT.

  • :chair: Available Slots: Looking for 2 Players for a Total of 4.

  • :gear: Mechanics: Automatic Rune Progression, Milestone, Keeley’s Hero Point House Rule, BattleZoo Monster Parts, Remaster Rules/Character Options.

:mag_right: About (Players Guide): :link:Big Trouble In Little Hooklight Informational.pdf - Google Drive

:crossed_swords: Character Options: :link:Suggested Character Options.pdf - Google Drive

Please read the above Documents for more information.

Message me on Discord @ RaymerGames or find me in my Discord Channel @ https://discord.gg/jUFSzukeBU for any questions and if you would like to see more!

I have spent months preparing to run this and I am looking for the right people who want a GM who goes above and beyond!