[LFP] [Pf2e] [Paid] [Campaign] Preparing for Blood Lords! Less than $1 per session

Pathfinder AP: Blood Lords (1-20)

:scroll: A group of less-than-good-hearted characters will rise from skilled troubleshooters to join the Blood Lords who rule the Land of the Dead. In Part 1 you are dispatched to investigate strange occurrences happening to one zombie-worked farm. Will you be able to defeat the wicked forces behind the plot, and make the first step to gaining influence and power in Geb?

:crossed_swords: Game System - Pathfinder 2E
:calendar: Schedule - Undecided EDT. Weekly on Tuesday Evening, Sunday Afternoon, or Sunday Evening. Starting soon after the release of Part 1.

:memo: Price - $10.00 per AP part. This cost is only to pay for the expenses of running this adventure. Each part will be about 3 months of content, equating to less than $1 per session .
:memo: Slots Available - 5 spots available, will run sessions as long as 4 are available.
:memo: Platform - Foundry VTT; Discord for Voice Chat and Text Channels between sessions.
:memo: Session Length - 4 Hour Sessions, but flexibly shorter.
:memo: Requirements - I request that you can make 80% of the sessions, so on average we have at least 4 players per session. The adventure’s Player Guide is not out yet, but I am generally very open to all uncommon and rare character options. However for this specific AP I am interested in trying to run for a group of mostly Undead PCs using the recently added Undead PC options from The Book of the Dead. (Free Archetype Variant to enable this)
:memo: About Me! - Hello! You can call me CJ or Cameron (He/they), LGBTQ+ friendly, looking for a group of good-hearted players to play some less-than-good-hearted characters. I’ve GMed several PF2e APs online, having completed Extinction Curse all the way from 1-20 and have two existing Strength of Thousands games where the players are at Level 11 and the other at 7. I don’t homebrew much in addition to the AP, largely keeping to the pre-written adventure. PM me if interested or if you have any questions! (edited)

Hey are you still open? I sent a PM about a week ago and no reply, so just curious

I would be down for a Tuesday night game at 8 pm EST or later. I have been in a few PF2e groups run on Foundry. Let me know if that time slot works and then we can see if I am a fit for the group.

I would love to join if you have room still!

Tuesday Evening, and Sunday Afternoon work for me.

I really appreciate your price structure. Very reasonable.

I would love to play an undead PC; Ghost has my interest, zombie seems very fit for the first book, and I have yet to read through ghoul… I would be open to vampire and had large hopes for it but am… disappointed. Also a fan of the skeleton/living embarking on a path to lichdom!

As far as class… I am open to a lot. Very interested in: Champion (evil), Thaumaturge, Psychic, Gunslinger, Swashbuckler.

To contact me fast, please add me on discord. Link this post as your first message to me.

Thomas Edgerton#8370

Hello Cameron! My name is Mitch and I would love to join a Blood Lords game (or any other AP) on Sunday afternoons if you still have room.

I have almost 3 years of experience in PF2e and about 5 years of TTRPG experience. I have a quality mic and integrated camera. I love playing “fill” characters to make sure I don’t step on the toes of any other characters - so I feel I could be a good fit in most groups. My focus during games is on role play first before character optimization.

If you have any room or if you’d like to talk more, my discord handle is

If a spot opens up id also be interezted depending on date & time

I am interested in playing as well.