[LFP] [Pf2e] [Paid] [Campaign] Preparing for Blood Lords! Less than $1 per session

Pathfinder AP: Blood Lords (1-20)

:scroll: A group of less-than-good-hearted characters will rise from skilled troubleshooters to join the Blood Lords who rule the Land of the Dead. In Part 1 you are dispatched to investigate strange occurrences happening to one zombie-worked farm. Will you be able to defeat the wicked forces behind the plot, and make the first step to gaining influence and power in Geb?

:crossed_swords: Game System - Pathfinder 2E
:calendar: Schedule - Undecided EDT. Weekly on Tuesday Evening, Sunday Afternoon, or Sunday Evening. Starting soon after the release of Part 1.

:memo: Price - $10.00 per AP part. This cost is only to pay for the expenses of running this adventure. Each part will be about 3 months of content, equating to less than $1 per session .
:memo: Slots Available - 5 spots available, will run sessions as long as 4 are available.
:memo: Platform - Foundry VTT; Discord for Voice Chat and Text Channels between sessions.
:memo: Session Length - 4 Hour Sessions, but flexibly shorter.
:memo: Requirements - I request that you can make 80% of the sessions, so on average we have at least 4 players per session. The adventure’s Player Guide is not out yet, but I am generally very open to all uncommon and rare character options. However for this specific AP I am interested in trying to run for a group of mostly Undead PCs using the recently added Undead PC options from The Book of the Dead. (Free Archetype Variant to enable this)
:memo: About Me! - Hello! You can call me CJ or Cameron (He/they), LGBTQ+ friendly, looking for a group of good-hearted players to play some less-than-good-hearted characters. I’ve GMed several PF2e APs online, having completed Extinction Curse all the way from 1-20 and have two existing Strength of Thousands games where the players are at Level 11 and the other at 7. I don’t homebrew much in addition to the AP, largely keeping to the pre-written adventure. PM me if interested or if you have any questions! (edited)