[LFP] [PF2e] [PAID] [Campaign] [Fri-6pm MST] [Sat-9am MST] [Sat-6pm MST] [Foundry VTT] Curse of Strahd for PF2e, aimed at new players

Looking for 5 players per timeframe!

Pricing: $15 each player per session via PayPal ONLY

Horror is, by definition, triggering.

Curse of Strahd is a gothic horror campaign that deals with several themes some players might find uncomfortable. I believe that the point of this module is to take you out of your comfort zone and to give you a villain who is truly despicable in order to make the players want to defeat him and his cohorts.

However, we can talk about the topics you are comfortable and uncomfortable with during session zero OR during a one-on-one “mini interview” before session zero (more info below).

Despite the nature of this module, this is a LGBTQ+ friendly game. No hate or bigotry of any kind will be tolerated.

I expect the game sessions to run for 3 hours, and this game is aimed at players 18+ years old (no exceptions!).

I’ve aimed this game for new PF2e players, specifically to people transitioning from DnD to PF2e, but players who have never played any TTRPG are also welcome.

My aim is to start the game on Saturday September 16th, but this might change if the players are ready to start playing early.

About your GM:

My screen name is Gurianthe (she/her). I’ve DMed and played DnD 5e for a bit over 7 years and I’ve been GMing PF2e for 2 years now. I love TTRPGs as a method to tell stories, get together, meet new people and have fun!

I’ve created this game specifically for new PF2e players who would like to learn the system in a familiar DnD setting. I’ve chosen to run Curse of Strahd due to the fact that Barovia connects to all other planes of existence and that’s why I believe this is a good module for DnD players to learn PF2e.

I fell in love with Curse of Strahd as player and I’ll cherish the memories of that game forever, and I want to give new players a memorable experience as well.

I prefer a ratio of 70% roleplay and exploration to 30% combat but since Curse of Strahd is a sandbox game, this will mostly depend on player preference and what the players choose to approach in the world of Barovia.

As any GM would, I’ll be running this module in my voice with consideration of the topics the players want to engage with. Some topics that are important to the character of Strahd von Zarovich, his collaborators and the setting of Barovia might remain untouched.

Some House Rules:

  1. Please be on time. The game starts at 6pm MST sharp. We will wait for players for 10 minutes and then at 6:10pm GMT on the dot the game will start. You are welcome to join the game after that point but payment will be the same amount.

  2. Session zero and Session one will be free, and I’ll help you with character creation. I’d like to have a “mini interview” before Session zero so we can get acquainted before we start the game.

  3. Payment will be made via PayPal 24 hours before the game. If you have a special situation that will prevent you from joining, please let me know at least 24 hours before the game. Of course, we all have real lives and if something comes up unexpectedly please let me know as soon as you’re able.

  4. If you are unable to join for one week and you’ve already paid, there will be no reimbursements BUT your payment will be applied to the next session instead.

  5. Bigotry or hate of any kind will not be tolerated in any way and you will be kicked from the game on the first offence without reimbursement. The point of this module is to fight injustice and hate, so I feel this is fair to ask from players.

  6. If you already have a group of friends to play with: please send me a PM and include your preferred timeframe in the title. If there’s a time that would work better for your group (still during Friday nights/Saturday mornings/Saturday nights) let me know. If your group is interested, I am also able to run this game in Latin American Spanish.

Some other important stuff:

We will be using Discord for voice and for out-of-game communications, and PayPal for payment.

If you don’t have a character idea and/or are overwhelmed by the amount of character options in PF2e, don’t fret! I’m here to help :slight_smile:

All of the rules for PF2e are available for free on the website Archives of Nethys, so you don’t have to worry about buying any books, supplements or materials of any kind.


Please apply via PM with this format:

Your name OR How you prefer to be addressed:

Preferred Pronouns and Age:

TTRPG experience (if any):


What are you looking for in this game:


Your character’s name:

Preferred Pronouns and Age:

Character idea (if you have one):