[LFP] [PF2e] [Paid] [22$] [GMT +2] [Sundays] Iblydos: Fading Gods, two slots left!

Campaign pitch
This is an Age of Lost Omens, and Iblydos, land of prophecy and myth, has felt that loss keenly.

The art of myth-speaking, which has long been used to determine which amongst the mortals would rise to become a god, is dying. Oracles call upon every last ember of their dwindling power, yet they are found wanting time and time again. With the death of prophecy itself, it shows no sign of ever recovering.

With this art being all but useless, those few mortals that managed to ascend to godhood, these hero-gods, find their numbers diminishing with each day that passes. Once upon a time, all of Iblydos’ islands were ruled by these legendary heroes, and the people prospered. Now, many of them are old, far past their prime - and increasingly overwhelmed by the threats against their rule, both within and without.

Monsters of all kinds, abominations from beyond the knowledge of mortals, watch eagerly as the land of Iblydos withers away slowly. They lick their chops every time a hero-god dies; and they sharpen their claws each time a mortal gives up on hope.

This is an Age of Lost Omens. Will you be able to secure a future for the land, beyond myth and prophecy?

Game info
Hello everyone, my name’s Fred, I’m a 31 years old guy from Switzerland. I’ve got a long history of playing tabletop RPGs in a variety of formats, and am an experienced DM in 5e, PF2e, and other systems. Currently, I am looking for more players for a paid semi-homebrew campaign. Though it takes place on Golarion, the region of Iblydos has not received much development, either in PF1e or PF2e. This means that this campaign is a blend of both canon and my own interpretation of events.

The campaign will be run every Sunday, at 14:00 GMT+2. It costs 22 USD which is to be paid through StartPlaying. Session 0 and the first session you play in are both free.

Why pay to play? Paying to play ensures that both the DM and the players stick to the game and don’t flake out. It also promises a smoother experience compared to the average oinline game. Those funds will be used to pay for my Story Teller subscription and to buy tiles, maps, or modules.

Furthermore, finding a good campaign online can sometimes be a bit of a crapshoot, even for paid games; I should know, for I have participated in many of them. To pay for the game ensures a standard of quality, not just from the other players, but also from myself. It is my promise to you that I will deliver the best PF2e experience I can offer each week.

If you’re interested or want to find out more, the StartPlaying page will give you more information, including the content warnings and primer for this campaign: Play Pathfinder 2e Online | Iblydos: Fading Gods | Greek myth-inspired campaign in Golarion (Session 0 and 1 are free!)

For any questions, I can be reached through DMs or through the StartPlaying website.

Thank you for giving me a moment of your time!