[LFP-PF2E][Paid-10$][2:30 PM:CST][Monday][3/5 slots open][Discord Required] Start your own homebrewed adventure by starting with the Beginner Box!

Hey there! Experienced GM seeking PF2E players for a game!
[3/5] Slots available! Get in now before all are taken up!!

There will be colorful NPC’s that I will (poorly) act out as best as I can! Factions and rivals alongside vile enemies and mysterious to confront. There will be a solid session zero (that I won’t charge for) where the game and setting will be discussed in detail. If any of this interests you, hit me up!

We’ll be starting with Beginners Box and then have a little “pseudo” session zero to figure out exactly what the group wants to have as the schtick for the future homebrewed campaign. The Beginner Box will be your guys sorta ‘origin story’.

Discord: Necro_Gecko (feel free to message me there. Discord is required for Voice Chat and grouping anway)