[LFP] [PF2e] Kingmaker - Tuesdays 6pm GMT

Adventurers, heed the call! The Lady Jamandi Aldori of Restov invites you to join an expedition into the wild and untamed Stolen Lands. Long has this monster and bandit infested region resisted settlement, but the time has come to make our mark on history. Those that are successful will be granted charter to settle these lands under their own rule. All those with strength, resolve, and ambition, come and carve your own destiny.

Kingmaker is a level 1 - 20 campaign focussed on exploring a sprawling area of wilderness filled with danger, adventure and mystery. To start you will be tasked with overthrowing a bandit lord that has set himself up in the region so that settlement can begin. If you are successful, you will become rulers of this new Kingdom and its destiny will be in your hands.

About Me
I am a professional game master, running mostly 5e and pathfinder 2e, but occasionally branching out into other game systems. I have nearly two decades of experience running roleplaying games of all kinds. I am highly dedicated and have many satisfied customers who keep coming back for more! I aim to provide a compelling and challenging game in which your choices as players have a big impact!

Sessions are about 3 hours long, weekly, 6pm GMT / 1pm EST

This is a paid game. The price is £15 per person per session. I aim to provide an entertaining and professional service.