[LFP] [PF2e] [$15/session] [FoundryVTT] [Friday 11PM EST] [New] ⛩️ Season of Ghosts ⛩️ Beginner Friendly and Experienced Semi-Pro GM

Hello! I’ve got a group of wonderful players starting the new :shinto_shrine: Season of Ghosts :shinto_shrine: adventure path looking for one more member to round out the party for what is shaping up to be one of the best published adventure paths in recent memory. The group currently consists of a Duskwalker Psychopomp Sorcerer, a Leshy Monk with a Herbalism streak and a Duskwalker Twisting Tree Magus - well rounded enough to accept almost anything you’d like to play as a 4th.

I’m a professional GM who has been lucky enough to be doing this since COVID-19 in 2020 and I’ve really leaned into making remote games as immersive and fun as possible. I’m a strong believer in the PF2e ruleset and try to lean into it’s mechanical strengths while also allowing room for player improvisation and innovation.

My games bring challenging tactical combat that I often adjust from the Adventure Path to create more interesting environments/combat puzzles (I tend to bundle/omit some of the more “filler exp” encounters often placed in these APs in favor of set piece encounters). I adore roleplaying and character development equally as much, providing as many opportunities for players to express their unique characters and discover a memorable story about their character and world.

If you’re interested, you can inbox me for a link to sign up.

The Season of Ghosts marks a time of supernatural peril from the haunts that plague the people of the Shore of Ghosts. The village of Willowshore prepares to perform the Reenactment Festival to trick malicious spirits into leaving their humble homes alone. A summer storm of fate brews all around and you - the participants of the age-old tradition are caught right in the middle.

Pathfinder 2e - Season of Ghosts

■ Long-term Campaign from Levels 1-12

■ Rich Asian-inspired folklore and horror with a East Asian DM

■ Willowshore is an evolving sandbox with an incredibly fleshed out town that will act as the player’s home for many sessions to come

■ A supernatural mystery that emerges slowly over many sessions of sandbox gameplay - already lauded as one of Paizo’s best APs.

:man_mage: What I Offer :man_mage:

:star2: A respectful and enthusiastic game-space.

:japanese_ogre: Immersive experience with sound effects, visual props, maps, music, voices and much more.

:game_die: A honest-to-dice experience that will create moments of tension and triumph for you to remember!

:scroll: I am your biggest fan, I want to put the players in the hotseat to express themselves through the adventure. I always want to work with you for any cool ideas you have.

:world_map: Professional and intuitive online table-top which I’ll teach you all to use for no additional cost so you can focus on enjoying the game!

Players looking for a campaign with delicious mystery, a strong emergent storyline, creative and thematic encounters and a great cast of NPCs will love what Season of Ghosts has to offer.