[LFP] [PF1E] The Millitary Academy

:crossed_swords: Game System:

Pf1e, Gestalt, Path of war, Akashic and legendary classes.

:calendar: When do you play:

Sunday 18:00 GMT+1

:scroll: Brief Description of the game/setting/premise:

This game takes place in the Yengar Empire, a country overrun by powerful monsters and pressures from all borders. Its citizens live in tower cities with walls that extend towards the sky seeking safety from the dangers below. Magic has proven difficult to manage so the people have turned to the power of gunpowder and machines for comfort. No longer are wars fought with horse and bow, they are fought with cannons and titans of steel. You and your comrades realize the changing flow of battle and seek to be a part of this, to teach the future soldiers of the Empire and ensure the greatness of future generations.

In this game the party will be forming a military academy with the hopes of wealth and fame. The party will be starting as fresh hires brought in by the headmaster who has bought the foundations of an old mining facility. You will compete to gain funding and promote your departments under one of the four houses and attempt to establish yourself as a master of your trade.

:memo: Aditional Details:
Be at the age of 18+,
New players are welcome, however preference will be given to people with experience in 1e pathfinder.

One of your classes for your character, has to be related to the class that you teach in.
This is an RP heavy game, Combat should not be expected to happen very often.
Starting conditions: Abandoned Mining Island, players can sink money into the starting academy to give an early game boost.
Discord will be used for voice.
The Forge will be used for the game lobby.

Please apply with a main character and a backup idea in case of class overlap.

Available Classes;
Arcane Magic
Divine Magic
Gun Combat
Melee combat
Various Crafting
-Other class suggestions welcome