[LFP] [PF1E] [Curse of the Crimson Throne] [Foundry VTT] Looking for a few players!

Hello players!

Who Am I?

My name is Jack, I have been a DM of Pathfinder 1e for over a decade and role-playing games as a whole for around fifteen years.I am looking to run the Pathfinder 1e adventure Path, Curse of the Crimson Throne with a few friends, but are looking to bolster our ranks with a few new members. Our other members are Dave, Jordy, and Julia.

What Do We Do?

We play weekly on Sunday nights, generally starting at 8 PM EST and going until midnight or so. We are just wrapping up the final sessions of a Rise of the Runelords game so Crimson Throne is next in line.

Our group enjoys a mix of Role-playing and combat, having had sessions dedicated nearly entirely to either one depending on what the story needs. We enjoy jokes and light-hearted moments, but we try to keep the game at least somewhat serious, avoiding meme builds, jokey characters are used sparingly.

What Are We Looking For?

We are looking for two players to give us a solid team, we are perfectly happy to welcome new players. Given the experience of many of our players, we can certainly teach new or inexperienced players how it all works and guide them through the trials and tribulations of Pathfinder 1e.

The group is not looking for powerhouses who reach DPR in the thousands, or building using assorted cheese, I am looking at you, Sacred Geometry Painter wizards. This is not to say your character should not be functionally effective or well made, only that there is no need to perfectly craft a build.

What are we NOT Looking For?

Metagaming: Don’t look stuff up about the adventure path,

Power Gaming: There is no need to get into an arms race with the DM, you can’t win.

Intolerance: Don’t be a jerk.

Flakiness: Real life happens, I get that. At the end of the day, this is a game, if your family needs you to take them to the hospital when we are playing, obviously do that. That said, skipping a session with 5 minutes notice because you really wanted to do a raid in WoW is going to piss us off. Just be honest, if something comes up, I just ask you give me whatever notice your can.

House Rules:

We use The Elephant in the Room Feat Tax system, the full rules of which can be found on the website (Link)

Paladins can be of any Good alignment, swapping any relevant alignment based features or spells. A Chaotic Good Paladin cannot make her weapon Axiomatic, but instead can make it Anarchic.

We will also make minor rulings here and there, skip a feat prerequisite, clarify a vague spell effect, etc. These are all discussed as a group and agreed upon if and when it comes up.

Character Creation Guidelines:

These may be subject to change as we discuss as a group. I try to be flexible on such matters, so if you have a question, feel free to ask.

Starting Level:The game starts at 1st level, and the players are expected to reach 17 or 18 by the end.

Race Restrictions: Korvosa is a human central civilized city, as such, certain races, such as Goblins and full orcs will have trouble and may face significant trouble. Additionally, other races are simply too power to mesh well with a standard party, Drow Nobles stand out as one such race.

Class Restrictions: I am not planning to outright deny any particular class, though will make notes on a few.

  • Pet Based Classes: Druids, Rangers, and Summoners alike often have beats in tow, both natural and wild as well as extra-planar and weird. The game has a large focus taking place within a city, many animals and creatures will be difficult to walk the streets with. A tiger is unwelcome in most marketplaces, a six-armed eidolon with three heads is an abomination that will draw the attention of the Korvosa guard swiftly. Dogs are acceptable to most civilized folk, as well as many small animals like most familiars.

  • Gunslinger: The game is set in Korvosa, a city state in Varisia. You will be a long way from Alkenstar. As such, guns are quite rare. I will likely tailor the loot tables to match player builds a bit closer, but know that guns will be rare.

  • Summoner: My feelings on the summoner class are a love hate relation. I am not denying the option to play a Summoner (or any summoning focused class), however, I am looking to avoid anything like the Master Summoner flooding a battlefield with dozens of monsters taking turns that last 20 minutes.

Ability Scores: 20 Point Buy

Third Party: As a general rule, I tend to stray away from most 3rd party. We do use a handful of house rules, as you will note, but we don’t use Spheres of Power and the like.

Alignment: This Adventure assumes the party is full of heroes. That said, neutral is perfectly fine. Evil could even be accepted, with a note. Do not make a character who seeks inter-party conflict. Additionally, your character, no matter the alignment or background, must have drive to see the city of Korvosa succeed. Whether this is of the goodness of your heart, to protect your family who lives within her walls, or because you cannot rule the seedy underbelly if Korvosa should collapse.

Application Template

Personal Bio:
Experience With Pathfinder 1e:
Experience With Roleplaying Games In General :
Experience with Golarion Lore:
Preferred Class /race :
Character Summary :

Name: Colton/Vece
Personal Bio: 29 yrs old, Canadian, Neurospicy, bi guy. Big into any and everything nerdy. looking to find something to have some fun with friends and tell a cool story together. I am Co-workers with Dave, and he asked if I was interested to throw my hat in the ring. Hope that’s ok. :slight_smile:
Experience With Pathfinder 1e: The first adventure I ran out of a book was actually Rise of the Runelords, but its been a while since I’ve dipped my toes in PF1E. I would have to give myself a good once over of the rules again for sure.
Experience With Roleplaying Games In General : Playing and running things since highschool (~10 yrs), Mostly on the GM side of things in 5e but I enjoy reading and exploring lots of TTRPG’s
Experience with Golarion Lore: Very rusty, but many things about the world I have read about or been exposed too, just not recently or in great detail.
Preferred Class /race : Since I’d be getting back into the system I think something more martial would be better, though some spells would be nice. I did hear you need more of a front line so perhaps a barbarian, cleric, or paladin. Racially, I don’t have any hang ups or preferences. Though perhaps dwarf or gnome.
Character Summary : I’ve got a character concept of a Warforged Forge Cleric who is essentially a tinkering/ repair bot I could adapt for the setting as a dwarf or Gnome, or perhaps a fish out of water Human Barbarian type ala Conan. I also have a fav of mine who was a Goliath Warlock of Dream Patron(I like to imagine a Morpheus type character pre matrix as inspo) but I’m unsure how they might fit in the world as that story can be a bit deep and otherworldly to adapt to traditional fantasy.

Hope that’s all fine. :slight_smile:

Name : Ted
Personal Bio : 51 years old, married with one son. Have been gaming off and on for quite a while. Was in Roll20 but am looking at Foundry now. Was in a few games of RotRL but they fell apart so hoping for more consistency here and seeing that you are wrapping up that campaign, I’m very interested.
Experience With Pathfinder 1e : Is the last game system I learned. Have been playing this iteration for 15 years or so off an on. Ran a version of Age of Worms using these rule set. Wish they would have fixed higher levels (12+) as it becomes a bit clunky but have nothing to point to that is better.
Experience With Roleplaying Games In General : Started with Basic D&D, through AD&D, Gamma World, Top Secret, Boot Hill, 2nd Edition, 3.5, Star frontiers…lots of stuff but always come back home. I prefer games that have more character / story interaction but combat is fun too.
Experience with Golarion Lore : Have read a bit of the ancient history hoping to find out what happened to Aroden but also, no luck. Know the basic layouts of the kingdoms and their backgrounds.
Preferred Class /race : Fighter / Human
Character Summary : Gregor is a middle aged Korvosan having served over thirty years in first her majesty’s and then his majesty’s guard (think Sean Connery’s character in Untouchables). “I’m just a poor beat cop.” He’s seen a lot but kept to himself, keeping his head down to make it home alive. But something changed his outlook, something happened that made him want to make it better…