[LFP][Pathfinder2E][Paid][In Progress][Wed @1PM EST] Kingmaker 2E, Level 4

$25 a seat per week! Get $10 off your first week.

I’m looking for up to 3 more players to join a group of 3 (for a total of 6) for a long-term weekly pay-to-play campaign of the heroic and infamous Kingmaker Adventure Path. Game runs every week on Wednesday @1PM EST.

Kingmaker is adventurous exploration and danger in a light-horror campaign where the goal is to build (and keep from crumbling to ashes!) a nation of your very own. Beginners and newcomers are welcome but please note this campaign is for those over the age of 17. If you’d like to look before you leap, please check out the Kingmaker Player’s Guide for background information, recommendations on character options, and so on (available for free at the following link: https://downloads.paizo.com/Kingmaker+Players+Guide.pdf)

Character Building is recommended to be done through Pathbuilder or Wanderersguide. Players are presently Level 4 and we’re running the Ancestral Paragon and Free Archetypes variant rules (if you don’t know what those are, no problem; we can talk about it and I can help walk you through character creation if needed as well for free). Please refer to the Archives of Nethys for your starting wealth and equipment (Treasure for New Characters - Rules - Archives of Nethys: Pathfinder 2nd Edition Database). If you’re new to the system I can also assist you with gearing up. Elsewise: All common items are available for purchase at listed book price. If you wish to purchase Consumable items, you may buy Common Consumables of up to your Level+1 (or 5).

Want to join up? Hit the Join Campaign button over on StartPlaying.games (requires an account there) and then follow the guide on the link below:
Campaign Link: Play Pathfinder 2e Online | 👑 Adventure & Terror in the Stolen Lands! [Recruiting Level 4 Heroes!]
Guide Link: Welcome! [Kingmaker 2E] - Google Docs