[LFP] [Pathfinder2e] [Paid] Foundry] [Campaign] Pathfinder 2e Adventure Path - Choose the AP


The fate of Golarion is in your hands! If you have wanted to play Pathfinder 2e, or have wanted to play in a dedicated weekly Adventure Path, please join and help us decide which adventure you wish to play! I am a GM of 8 years, with an ongoing campaign for 5 of those years - dedication and commitment are important to me. I enjoy good characters, moments of Role-Play, creative solutions to problems and encounters, and tactical and fun combats that will stretch players and excite the table. I utilise many of Foundy’s amazing features and include a variety of modules that enhance the game. Free Archetype will be available from Level 1, and there will be a Hero Point variant house rule alongside use of the Critical/Fumble Decks.

The Games on Offer:

  • Abomination Vaults A mega-dungeon and one of the most successful APs so far
  • Beginner Box ( Menace Under Otari ): A great way to get the mechanics of PF2e under your belt and leads into a number of other APs moving forward
  • Strength of Thousands : An Afro-inspired magic school with interesting NPCs, dangerous threats, and a focus on narrative and story-telling
  • Outlaws of Alkenstar : A shorter AP in a western-inspired setting following a band of misfits and renegades

What You Receive:

  • A spot at a smaller table - meaning snappier combat and more opportunities for “screen time”
  • Personalised character art - including your own token and a group illustration at the end of each published book
  • High-Res battlemaps for the combats and exploration
  • Carefully curated modules and soundtracks to bring the game to life
  • A server hosted on The Forge - safer, quicker, and more stable
  • A constant communication line for character discussion and rules
  • Free Session 0 for setting discussion, expectations, and even a mini combat encounter

Slots Available : 4
System Used : Pathfinder 2e
Platforms : Discord for voice and (optional) video, Foundry VTT
Session Duration : 3-4 hours
Schedule : Thursdays at 19:00 GMT
Price : $25 per session after Session 0
Link : Play Pathfinder 2e Online | Pathfinder 2e Adventure Path - Beginner Friendly