[LFP][Pathfinder 2e][Paid][AU$10][Adventure Path - Blood Lords][Wednesdays 7:30pm AEST][Australia]

Currently have two players with room for up to 3 more for a Blood Lords Campaign. Sessions will be 7:30pm Australian Eastern Time (GMT+10). This is a fresh campaign so a chance to play through the entire AP if you wish. I am experienced with the content and run an inclusive table. Look forward to having you join us!

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Greydirge…a farming hub nestled in the foot-hills of the Shattered Range, shrouded by formidable fortifications of stone & bones, and home to a large population of ghouls and necromancers. The city, and its zombie workforce, play a key role in Geb’s exports, critical to the nation’s survival.
A series of strange occurrences on one of Greydirge’s farms in particular has drawn the attention of the nation’s rulers, The Blood Lords. Dispatched to investigate, you discover a grave threat to the minority living population of the small nation.
Defeating this threat and gaining influence with the Blood Lords, who rule in the name of the undead wizard-king is only the first step on a journey into the shadows of Geb’s intrigue and the heights of power